A Psychosocial Support Group For HIV+ Mothers

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Bukedea Success Story by Okia

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

” I came with my wife for ANC and we were both tested and found that we are both HIV positive we were both counselled and advised to start treatment. It was not easy but with time I became open and accepted treatment with my wife. I began disclosing to my friends and even neighbors.


My wife then informed me of a group in the health center for HIV people who are positive and requested me to join. I accepted to join the group. From the group I got health education on positive living and began educating my friends who were still suffering from stigma.
From that time up to now I am a free man I don’t fear and I pick my drugs and take them freely. That’s why I am extending my thanks to Mama’s club officials for the support they give to us the clients.”

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